Wyatt Lyon Preul
What you should really get out of Docker is portability. That's something people overlook.
Code Hero's interview - Sept. 2017

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Like many developers, Wyatt got started at a young age. Even though his family couldn’t afford a computer, he did have access to a Q-Basic book and some old computer manuals. Whenever he got a chance to program on a computer at the library or a friends house, he would. He also spent a lot of time at the library on the Apple II computers (mostly playing Oregon trail). From there he got started by reading manuals and experimenting.

Wyatt majored in Computer Science and Religious Studies at Monmouth College in Illinois. His senior thesis was comparing J2EE to .NET. After college, he started his career on a small development team for a large company in 2005 doing .NET. From there he moved over to Telligent, where he worked for 7 years on Community Server.

He then got a job at Walmart Labs, where he helped develop the popular Node.js framework hapi.js. He left Walmart in 2015 and did some contract work with nearForm (Node.js consulting) for a bit. He’s now working at Joyent, on the product team.