Roberto Gonzalez
Solving problems is what makes a developer a developer.
Code Hero's interview - Aug. 2017

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Roberto first started development when he was 10. He knew he wanted to make games, but didn’t really know where to start. With no internet or guides he taught himself how to program by creating various games using Basic.

He created some small apps and later started learning about web development. After getting internet for the first time he started developing web apps and has never really stopped. After about a few years learning how to build good products by experimenting with side projects, he and a friend started working together as freelancers. They did that for about two years before they decided to make it official.

Aerolab was started in 2011. They got their first office in 2012 and have been growing ever since. They are a product agency with a fanatical focus on designing and building quality products. With a team of designers, developers, copywriters, motion graphic experts, and marketers, the 4 partners have made a business that is one of the most important digital firms in Argentina. They work mostly with startups, but also have a few large clients they’ve done work for.