Osayame Gaius-Obaseki
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Code Hero's interview - Aug. 2017

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Osa grew up in Nigeria, and before going to school, remembers playing with computers and liking it a lot. He initially went to college planning to become a researcher, but fell in love with startups. He graduated with a Computer Science degree, interned at 2 research labs, but coding just appealed to him more than research.

After working for a few different companies in Atlanta, he landed a job at Luma, a startup working on WiFi routers. There he was introduced to Elixir. He helped build their monitoring system, and embedded router software, all in Elixir. He currently works at Mailchimp, a marketing automation company.

Osa loves finding ways to contribute to the Elixir community. He hosts the Atlanta Elixir Meetup, and helps mentor and train developers wanting to learn to program.