Collin Hover
Being able to write code well makes me feel like a super hero.
Code Hero's interview - Aug. 2017

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Collin played a lot of video games growing up and like every gamer kid, wanted to be a game developer. In college he didn’t really know what it meant to be a developer. After researching the industry he ended up choosing to get a degree in fine arts. He enjoyed creating small interactive web stuff, and found a job teaching web design and development to art students in the midwest.

As part of his tenure track, he did research into using games as a tool for making teaching more effective, and learning more engaging. He was using a popular Javascript game framework, Impact.js, with some of his own modifications to create a few small learning games.

He decided to release his changes as an open source project called Impact++. At that point, he was approached by a former Blizzard employee who was interested in having his help with graphics on a game he was building. With little prior game development experience, and no experience with GPU development, Collin started working part time on a game called Duelyst.

He was the first person on the team after the founders, and has been there since. He never really wanted to be a game developer, but loves what he does, and all the opportunity he’s had to grow.