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Twitter - Mar 2014

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Brad is a web designer, speaker, consultant, and musician based in Pittsburgh, PA.

He started his college career as a music major to learn about recording, live sound, and management. He ended up playing in a band but also manage the band’s website. Eventually, he switched out of music and into a program called Media Arts and Design, where he took a Photoshop/Illustrator class, Dreamweaver class, and a Flash class.

After graduating university he got a job designing and developing websites for real estate and mortgage companies in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately this was right when the real estate bubble burst, so he moved to New York City to be with his fiancee (now wife!). He’s worked at several agency jobs where he got into the weeds with web development.

Brad loves the idea of component-driven design, which lead to his book Atomic Design. Brad has worked with many of todays top companies doing branding, design, and development. Some of his client include TechCrunch, Entertainment Weekly, Nike, Tiffany & Co. and many more…