Aman Virk
Unlike many others, I had no connection with computers as a child
Code Hero's interview - Sept. 2017

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Aman is a full-stack engineer based out of India currently working full-time at Kayako.

He got into programming in 2010. Unlike many other programmers, h had no connection with computers or science in his childhood. He completed my high school by learning Economics and Accounts and never went to college.

After was watching “Social network” (the movie) he got excited about having a similar social platform for his friends and family. He reached out to a local web development shop. After being quoted too high for the project he decided to learn web technologies and build it on his own. That was his first introduction to programming ever.

Gradually he found his way towards learning HTML, a bit of CSS and got introduced to PHP. Eventually he got a job in a small company where he was the only developer doing everything from design to programming and deployment.

Aman did some freelance projects in Node.js (mainly using Express or Sails.js). He found he didn’t enjoy developing in Node.js as much as he did Laravel. After considering a bunch of issues he faced while writing projects using existing Node.js frameworks he decided it was time for him to write his own.

He knew creating a framework was very ambitious for him. Undaunted, he gave it a try anyway and create AdonisJs.