Steve Domino


Una Kravets
We talk with Una about how she got her start, her favorite tools, and her podcast Toolsday
Scott Gress
Scott tells us about Sails.js, why your framework doesn't really matter, and his predictions for the future of tech
Chris Coyier
Creator of CSS-Tricks and, Chris shares how it all got started
Brad Frost
Brad shares his passion for design, and what he loves most about what he does
Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer, the CSS Samurai, shares the history of "An Event Apart" and why CSS is the coolest thing since sliced images
Mikeal Rogers
Mikeal's developer story, and why we all just need to slow down and think
Alan Shreve
Alan shares the story of how he got into development, and why he created ngrok
Aman Virk
The story of how Aman became a developer, and why he created AdonisJs
Wyatt Lyon Preul
The story behind Hapi.js and how Wyatt became a developer
Bradley Cicenas
Bradley talks about his natural affinity for complex systems and problem solving
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto tells us how he got into development, started his company, and what he's learned along the way.
Osayame Gaius-Obaseki
Osa shares his passion for developer education, and how he got his start as one.
Regina Imhoff
Replaced by a robot after 8 years. Regina hated her job anyway and became a developer instead.
Collin Hover
A professional game developer who never really wanted to be a game developer
Nicolas Viennot
Nico's story of why he created tmate, and what being a developer means to him.
Douglas Wilson
Doug talks to us about Express.js, and his love for open source and problem solving.
Marko Anastasov
A Summary of the interview, about this long ===========================================================================>